Seniors Newsletter October 2016

Annual Meeting (sometimes called the AGM....)
Yes it is that time of year again when you get to vote on who will be on the next committee, for the next captain and discuss the future issues for the seniors. The meeting is a week on Monday at 1.30 pm on 7th November in the clubhouse. There is golf as usual, a bag day – special ball competition, followed by a free lunch (even if you didn’t play). They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and it is true – as you have to listen to the committee speeches but they will also listen to you! So come along – there is even time, if you are quick, to nominate yourself as captain!
Christmas Lunch
Keep an eye on the noticeboard as details about the Christmas Cracker will be up soon. It will be on Wednesday 14th December. There will be golf beforehand, a 3 course lunch and the annual prize giving. There may even be Joe’s famous putter competition!
Final details about cost are being worked out but it will be very similar to last year so make sure you book early!
Bradnor Bugle
Don’t forget to read the Bradnor Bugle each month as it not only has general news about the club but often information about what seniors are doing. Plus there is at least one joke per edition! (and no that is not about my golf!!)
Lightning Strikes twice
It isn’t supposed to happen but it has. Not long after he shot a gross round less than his age, Colin Mansell has done it again! The handicap committee have recognised this and Colin is now rightfully a single figure handicapper. Not bad at an age when most of us are happy to shoot under 100. An inspiration for everyone – keep it going Colin!
Sam Hinton – Senior Secretary