Seniors News Update - 16 June 2017

Monday 12th June: Bag day 6/6/6 team of three - Results
  • 1st Paul Finch, Phil Gould and Terry Weight   78 points
  • 2nd Dave Baxendale, Dennis Whyke and Sam Hinton  75 points
  • 3rd Ted Davies, Graham Vaughn, and John Lockwood  72 points (winning on back 9)
Thursday 15th: June match v Burghill at home - saw Kington win by 5 matches to 1 with at least two matches going down the 18th.
One piece of news for you. Dennis Whyke wishes it to be known that he out drove me on the 11th today.
Finally a big thank you to Sarah for the group putting clinic held today which was both informative and enjoyable views shared by all that attended.
Thanks, Ted Davies