Ready Golf

Ready Golf

How to Save 30 Minutes or More a Round

What is ready golf?

"Ready golf" is a method for golfers to speed up play. Simply put, "ready golf" means that each golfer within a group hits when ready. The Rules of Golf and golf etiquette prescribe the proper way to determine hitting order on a golf course.

Playing "ready golf" is really quite simple. It involves each player taking their turn to hit the ball as soon as they’re ready. This helps to speed up the pace of play by playing smarter, not necessarily faster. If you’re interested in playing some ready golf, then here are some simple tips to make your game more enjoyable and less stressful.

Before the First Tee

When you’re just about ready to start your round, here a few things you should do to save time before teeing off. In addition to the tips below, make sure that you warm up both mentally and physically. Stretch out your legs, arms, and hips for five minutes, practice hitting a few balls, and focus your mind on your golf game.

* Come to the golf course prepared with tees, markers, pitch mark repair tool, etc.
* Mark your ball ahead of time.
* Bring or buy drinks and snacks ahead of time.

On the Tee

Once you are at the tee, pay attention to everyone’s tee shot so you can help look for lost balls if needed. This can speed up the game tremendously, especially if an errant ball lands in the rough.

* Start to tee off as soon as the group ahead of you is clear.
* Let short distance hitters tee off first.
* Always carry an extra ball or two in your pocket.
* Hit a provisional ball if you think that your ball may be lost or out of bounds.

On the Fairway

You and your fellow golfers don’t need to head towards the closest ball and wait for the player to take their next shot. Everyone should head to their own ball and start club selection - as long as it is safe to do so.

* Anticipate your distance and likely club selection
* Choose your club as soon as you know your distance
* If more than one player is ready to hit, communicate and agree on striking order.
* Watch carefully where your ball and everyone else’s lands

On and Approaching the Green

If you’re sharing a buggy, the partner with the shorter shot should drop off the other player (with all needed clubs), and leave the cart at the exit point of the green.

* The first golfer to the hole should tend and take out the flagstick.
* The first one in the hole should pick up and replace the flagstick.
* Study your putt while waiting for your turn to putt.
* Agree to Putt until holed out. Don’t mark your ball unless you are in someone’s way.
* Quickly exit the green and move to the next tee once all players are finished.
* Wait to record scores until you reach the next tee.
* Hold clubs and replace them in bag or cart once stopped at the next hole.

General Tips

Now that you’re all set on the tee, fairway, and green, consider a few more tips to speed up the pace of play:

* You should always be able to see the group ahead of you.
* Limit searching for lost balls to no more than 3 – 5 minutes.
* If someone has lost a ball, hit your shot before helping them look for their ball.
* Try to never go back to the tee to hit a provisional ball.
* Keep your pre-shot routine consistent and stay focused.
* Limit yourself to one practice swing.
* Don’t be afraid to call your ball unplayable. Take your stroke and get back into the game.
* Get your ball back on the fairway as quickly as possible if you repeatedly hit in the rough.
* Don’t hesitate to take a lesson and get help with your problems, everyone has them!

“Ready golf” is a wonderful time management solution to keep yourself and your fellow golfers playing smartly. Of course, make sure to have fun as well as you keep your mind in the game.