Hole In One

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Mike gets Hole in One with Nine!

Congratulations to Mike Richards - who won the nearest the pin on the 5th, in the Seniors and Ladies combined team competition, by getting a Hole in One!

Mike said it was a proper golf shot with a nine iron.

Hole in One for Toinette!

Congratulations to Toinette Davies who scored a Hole in One on the 9th in a medal round on September 4th 2018!

Gordon is Ace!

Gordon Glover scored a Hole-in-One on the 18th in today's roll up - Wednesday 11th July, 2018


Congratulations Gordon for your magnificent shot - Ace on 18th!

See Gordon here picking his ball out of the hole on the eighteenth

Bill Didcock fades a 7 wood to Ace the 5th!

Kington Senior Bill Didcock recorded a hole in one on the 5th today 27th June.
A well struck 7 wood fading over the left hand bunker did the trick for Bill in the Wednesday morning roll up.
But even with the 5 points on that hole, Bill couldn't beat Steve Hallam's 37 points, his best round since joining Kington last year.
Well done to both of you.
Thanks, Ted

Bazza Aces Roadhole

"It was quite a magical moment, an indescribable feeling" said Barry Dudley after achieving a Hole in One on the Roadhole 5th. This was during the Fiddle competition on Wednesday 7th December. "I hit a good golf shot, I thought my ball had gone long. When we walked up to the green we could only see two balls". Between them, the 3-ball - with Dave Smith and Dick Lee shot a one-two-three, scoring a tasty 12 points on the hole. "Luck beats skill any time" said Barry
Showing 1 - 5 of 22 Items (Page 1 of 5)