Course and Greens Update: May 2018

This is to update you on the work that has been going on on the course and a little of what is planned for the future.

The greens and the course in general are in very good condition at the moment and that is partly due to a new piece of equipment the Greens Committee have purchased. A brush applicator to go on the front of the mowers to pick up and straighten the grass and allow it to make a cleaner and tighter cut. This was purchased with money that was made on the sale of some redundant machines & mowers which were taking up space in the sheds.

Kington Golf Club doing their bit for recycling!

Over the last few years we have had issues with badgers on the course and particularly in the racecourse area around the 2nd & 3rd holes. Basically they are searching for chafer grubs just under the grass surface and tearing the turf up as they do it.

The Greens Committee have come up with a 4-pronged attack to try and combat the badger damage as we are severely restricted on what we can do :-

a. Set up chafer beetle traps on the racecourse to reduce chafer grubs.

b. Trial a garlic spray to reduce chafer grubs.

c. Continue with the application of nematodes to reduce the chafer grubs ( the recommendation is for this to continue for 4 -5 years to get the best results and the National Trust have kindly agreed to assist with the cost) .

d. Set up food stations to lure badgers away from the golf course.

With regard to option (a) - in the next day or so you will see what looks like garden lanterns hanging from trees and marked stakes on the racecourse area (2nd & 3rd holes). These are chafer traps that contain a pheromone that attracts the chafer beetle and traps it. The more beetles we can trap the less there are to lay eggs which hatch into grubs for the badgers to eat and in the process damage the fairways.

These lantern traps (picture attached) will not harm you but please take care and if you do become restricted by them whilst playing i.e. either your swing or stance please take a free drop in accordance with Rule 24-2 as a Temporary Immovable Object.

Option (c) the nematodes are an organic worm/slug that we apply to the fairways and course as we cannot now use chemicals as they are becoming very restricted in their use. Most nematodes are extremely small, almost invisible to the naked eye! and in short they will kill the chafer grubs.

A few ways you can help to keep the course in good condition :-

a. You may be aware the divot boxes to the side of the tees now have a fine tilth soil in them and grass seed will shortly be added. Please use these if you take a divot on the tee or can see any which require repairing.

b. There are still a number of un-repaired pitch marks on the greens, please be vigilant and repair your pitch marks or any others you see for that matter.

c. Also, can you please ensure you replace your divots on the fairway - you will notice a number have been removed by birds unfortunately. We are shortly going to organise a divot repair session so please look out for the date and try and help if possible.

Please be aware Alan Williams one of our low handicap members is joining the green staff on a temporary basis for the Summer this week - we wish him all the best.

Of course it would be very remiss if we didn't thank the green staff - Alun Crichton, Rob Williams & Ted Davies who have worked very hard to get the course into excellent condition through some very difficult weather conditions during the Spring.

Greens Committee