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Coronavirus Update - 19th July 2021

19th July - Relaxation of Guidelines


Following the latest updates on National Covid Restrictions, England Golf have confirmed that from the 19th of July (Monday) the current 'Play Safe, Stay Safe guidance will be updated.

This will involve the removal of any on course restrictions regarding course furniture and flagsticks etc. The changes are highlighted within the attached document. Obviously this is good news however as a Club we should still exercise caution both on an off the course.

Golf has demonstrated that it is a safe pastime and we have been able to continue playing under challenging circumstances. Recent news has not been encouraging regarding infection levels both nationally and in the local area. We have a number of our members self isolating and it is clear that the pandemic will continue to be part of our day to day routines.

As a club we have a responsibility to our members, visitors and the wider community therefore, we would urge you all to take these next steps with caution. There will still be hand sanitizer available and within the clubhouse we would encourage you all to continue to wear face coverings until you take your seats etc.

Please can you continue to use BRS to make your bookings to play as this has become a useful tool for us to manage the course and provide important data,

The next few weeks will be key in our journey back to normality and we all have an important part to play to ensure that restrictions are not reintroduced by taking the next steps with caution.

Thank you for your continued support

Please continue to Play Safe and Stay Safe!

Philip Jones
Kington Golf Club