Changes to Handicapping System for Ladies 2016

Brief outline of Main Changes to Handicapping System for Ladies 2016

In future the CONGU year will run from 1st January to 31st December, but the 2015 year ends on 31st March 2016.

Preferred lies

  • Decided by England Golf (EG) that these can be implemented by individual clubs between 31/10 and 01/04. Any extensions must be agreed by the county. Only permitted in closely mown areas; mark, lift, clean and replace within 6”. Preferred lies are not Winter Rules (club defined).

Competition Handicaps

  • Everyone is required to use the ‘c’ handicap status annotation
  • 4BBB handicap allowance has gone from 75% to 90% for both Stroke and match play. This is compulsory.

Reactivation of handicap

  • Any player who has had a handicap will have a CDH number; this is a life-time number.  Your CDH number is on your handicap certificate.
  • If a player leaves a club with a ‘c’ handicap, the status will remain valid for the following full calendar year, (should the player join another affiliated club).

Reinstatement of handicap status

  • The reinstatement of a ‘c’ status requires the return of 3 qualifying scores. These can be 9 holes or 18 holes and can include supplementary scores; but must be played over a measured course to qualify. Players who have lost their ‘c’ have until the end of March to put in the cards required.

9 hole score recording

  • Players who return a 9 holes score within their buffer zone will have 18 points added as now. If your score is outside your buffer zone, for handicap purposes only, the points scored for 9 holes will be doubled. This will not affect the published club result.

Supplementary scores

  • You may only enter Supplementary scores at a club where you are a full member. Intention to play must be entered in the book; if the card is not handed in it is an automatic .1 increase.

There will be a continuous handicap review, as well as an annual review

  • Run every 4-6 weeks from 01/03/2016 onwards, this is to try to ensure that a players’ handicap is fair and correct.


Any queries – Iris Corfield

Handicap Secretary

February 2016