Bradnor Bugle - September 2012

Sport England Grant – Encouraging Kington Community in Sport

Good news for the club – we have successfully applied for a grant from Sport England to increase the overall participation in golf in the Kington area! Our aims are to increase the membership at Kington Golf Club for both adults and Juniors by improving our coaching equipment and extra coaching for differing levels of ability.  In addition, we aim to offer opportunities to people new to golf or ex-players, by giving them the chance to experience this wonderful sport of golf.  The grant will be used to improve the skills of current members through funding new training equipment, up-grading training facilities and extra coaching.  It will fund the marketing of those not in golf clubs, offering taster sessions and skill training to encourage people to try it out. More details will follow……

Grant Sport England  - £9,628

Congratulations and thanks to Jane Hotchkiss (Junior Committee Chair) and David Mains (Seniors Captain) and everyone concerned in achieving this significant grant which will make a real difference. A lot of work has gone into this application and a lot of work has yet to be done in the administration and compliance with the terms of the Agreement. This is all about attracting much needed new members of all ages and supplying equipment and professional tuition in order to achieve this aim. It is also very encouraging to see several additional members offering their services in support of the work to be done.

Bert Priday  Club Chairman

The  2012  KGC Seniors Open  

This was held on Wednesday the 29th August  and had 144 Players from 28 clubs spread over 14 Counties in attendance.  The weather,  as so many times this year,  was against us with sun, rain, thunder and lightning to contend with.  The green staff did an excellent job with their course presentation despite the volume of rain causing a problem on the greens.

Agi and her team had a busy time dealing with larger than usual numbers of players requiring snacks before play who were delayed by the poor conditions.  The Buffet,  as usual, was excellent.  But overall it was a difficult day.

Gross Prize Winners

1st (73) Ron Davies Jones/ Andy Edey (Kington)

2nd (74) David Baxendale/ Doug Taylor (Kington)  

3rd (74) Malcolm Sosna/Jeff Davies (Celtic Manor)

Stableford points

1st (42)R Duncan/G.Laws (Monmouth/Moorhall).

2nd (40) George Smith/GeoffSmith (Kington.

3rd (40) Allan Hamilton/Paul England (Kington).

Nearest the Pin -  Hole 5 Ray Kellard(Kington) 

Hole 12 Rod Duncan  (Moorhall)

Longest drive -  Hole 16: Under 70 Neville Clarke (Worcestershire)

Over 70 Pete Galliers (Henbury) 

Sheep Deposits

It is quite apparent that we have a lot of very "regular " and very large sheep on the Hill this year and the problem they cause has been accentuated by the extreme weather conditions.

We are obliged to respect the rights of the local sheep farmers regarding their "Hill Rights" and we have no reason to doubt that they are complying with their official quota's.  We can only do whatever we can to alleviate the problem and to this end we are :-

  • Meeting with the National Trust to create additional grazing on the back of the hill to encourage the offenders to move from the vicinity of  the Clubhouse.
  • Meeting with the Farmers to request them to unload their sheep away from the Clubhouse and ideally on the far side of the hill.
  • Experimenting with new machinery within our budget which will help to reduce the problem even in wet conditions.
  • The trolley and shoe cleaning equipment will be improved and re located below the path.
  • New flooring has already been laid in the entrance to the Mens Changing rooms which can now be washed on a regular basis and a new recessed door mat has been installed at the entrance door. 

I would like to thank, on behalf of the members, all those concerned in working to alleviate this considerable problem. I  would also ask members to be helpful and constructive in their comments and of course if anyone has any advice or suggestions which you think might be helpful in these difficult circumstances we would be very pleased to hear from you.

New Union Jack Flag

Thanks to Janet and Barry Pennell for their kind donation of the Union Flag to the Club initially to celebrate the Olympics.  It looked a fine sight and now that we have it I am sure we will make good use of it.

The Ladies Club Championship

This was won by Pip Frost 87 + 88 = 175 gross.  Second was Angela Wilkes with 179 gross and 3rdLorraineBourne with 179 gross. 

The Iris Paget Trophy for the Best Nett Score was won by Lorraine Bourne with 68 + 73 = 141 Nett.  2nd was Ruth Alexander with 147 Nett and 3rd Pip Frost with 147 nett. 

Prizes for the best morning and afternoon rounds were won by Kay Taylor and Ruth Alexander respectively.

New Tee Signs                    I

If anyone wants to sponsor a tee there are some still available £65 each (good value for 15 years appoximate advertising) speak to Nigel Scott.  Colin Blick is assisting with this as well.   We  are trying to progress these now to get them up ASAP.


Please be aware of the new Local Rule to cater for DMD’s (Distance Measuring Devices) which has been drawn up according to the New Rules of Golf 2012 – 2015.

“For all play at Kington Golf Club a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If ,  during a stipulated round,  a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his or her play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3 for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.”

Note:   Because of problems over whether a particular mobile phone or similar device conforms,  it is strongly recommended that mobile              phones are NOT used as DMD’s so as to protect players from the risk of disqualification in an individual event or loss of games in Team K events (EG advice).

August 2012

From the Secretary

I have one small item of interest for the members. 

We now have reciprocal discount green fees (members guest rate) with Leominster G.C. to add to the list.  Contact – Nigel Clarke 01568 610055

And finally – Golf Law 1.  No matter how bad your last shot was the worst is yet to  come. That Law of Golf does not expire on the 18th hole. Since it has the supernatural tendency to extend over the course of a tournament, a summer and eventually a lifetime.

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