Bradnor Bugle - November 2013

Annual Golf Club Dinner - Saturday, 3 November, 2014

Tickets are available for the Annual Dinner to be held in the Clubhouse on Saturday, 30 November.  Tickets cost £25. Music will be by Kate Thomas and Flok .  The Guest speaker will be Ros Weston whois a R & A Referee. T

Tickets available from George Smith/Kay Taylor or in the Club House.

Ladies' Bridge and Golf Day - 3 October, 2013

The Ladies put on a Golf and Bridge day on the 3rd October which turned out to be Putting and Bridge as the Course was closed because of fog.  The day was a success though and they hope to repeat it in the future.  The winners were Janet Vaughan and Lynn Jones who did well in both the Bridge and the Putting,  second were Roma Watkins and Rita Roddick with a good Bridge result. There were many other prizes and a raffle.

Club's Summer Knock Out Competitions

The long Summer season has produced some worthy winners of the Clubs Knock Out competitions here is a round up of the results:-


Men’s Presidents Bowl  - Winner Rob Evans, runner up Ross More.

Saunders Pairs Trophy  - Winners Brian and Ricky Dyer, runner up Tony House and Kevin Barns.

Price Cup  - Winner George Smith, runner up Phil Price.

Seniors  Monday Morning KO Shield - Winner Geoff Brown, runner up Sam Hinton.

Keith Gardner Pairs - Bill Didcock and Geoff Brown.

Born Too Soon Cup – Winner John A Williams, runner up Stan Arnold.


Bradnor Cup - Final was between Elaine Allen and Wendy Douglas wiih Wendy Douglas ending up the winner.

Summer League - The finalists were Jill Wictome and Angela Wilkes who beat Audrey Philpott and Iris Corfield 3/2

Bradnor Bowl -  Carolyn Jones lost out to Pip Frost in the final by one hole.

Academy Course.  

Members will see a new warning sign just inside the entrance which warns members that they MUST follow the instructions.                                                          

WARNING  - Players may be out of your vision,  ahead and below you.

Before you use this facility you MUST:

1. Be a member of Kington Golf Club.

2. Obtain clearance from the Pro shop.

3. Check ahead and below before you play.

Kington Golf Club Winter Open - 8 December, 2013




SUN 8th DEC 2013


Play Holes - 1-5, & 12-18

Any Combination Ladies / Gents

£6.00 each to enter for Kington members

£8.00 each for Visitors


Red Tees – Ladies / White Tees - Men

Max 28 Handicap –Men

Allowance - ¾ of Full Handicap

2 Best Scores to Count on each hole

Tee Times between 10am – 1.00pm

Meals/Light Snacks will be available to be ordered on the day  - See entry sheet

Presentation to take place at approx 4.30pm – Please ensure you are suitably dressed

News from the Pro Shop

Hawick Knitwear

Due to reasons beyond our control, Hawick Knitwear (suppliers of our club sweaters) will not be supplying the golf industry in our area.  This instruction has come from their parent company and supply will cease in November.  Any current orders for sweaters will be honoured, but the last date for orders has passed.  As you’ll appreciate this has caused us a headache as Hawick were the most competitive supplier on the market by quite a long way.  We have agreed to trial Glenmuir Knitwear but this will mean a price rise for 100% lambswool sweaters.  However they do offer different options including cotton sweaters which will help us to offer competitive price points across the range.  We hope that we have found the best solution to the problem and look forward to presenting our new stock to you.

GC2 Launch Monitor

As the weather starts to turn and the dark nights draw in, you might think that this is not the time to work on your game.  However combining the indoor swing room with my GC2 launch monitor makes it the perfect time to tackle those swing changes that you’ve been putting off all year.

The GC2 launch monitor is regarded as one of the best launch monitors on the market by the golfing industry and is used by tour players and around the world.  This small unit uses stereoscopic cameras to photograph the ball thousands of times at impact to give accurate information on:

Ball speed -- Launch angle – Backspin – Sidespin-- Azimuth (Start direction left or right of target) -- Carry distance

Linking with the Ipad all of this information is then presented to give a visual graphic on your ball flight including distance, dispersion and trajectory.  This information is vital in deciding how best to help your game, and gap gives a quantifiable set of data to improve upon, helping to chart your progress

For those whose game is exactly where they want it, the GC2 is perfect for testing where carry distances for each club are measured, giving you precise information to help you decide the best choice of club for the shot in hand.       Call into the pro shop for all prices and winter deals on using the GC2.

Titleist Logo Balls

On the run up to Christmas Titleist are running their free personalisation on all golf balls in their range bought by the dozen.  This allows you the opportunity to add a personal message of up to 3 lines of text to each ball. 

To guarantee delivery in time for Christmas the final date for order is December 8th.  For further details and to place your order please call into the pro shop

Demo Irons for Sale I have set of Titleist AP1 irons 4 – PW for sale with Dynalite XP regular shafts.  These are an ex demo set, but on the whole are in excellent condition.  Brand new these irons would have cost £651 and are on sale at £375 a saving of 44%. 

Our new range of Sunderland Waterproofs, are now in stock.  All come with a 3 year guarantee.

Farewell to Stan Thornton 

Stan was a bright and breezy guy who was a pleasure to know and fun to play golf with.  Our sympathy is extended to his family at this sad time.

And finally ................

During a lady’s medical examination, the doctor says:- ‘your heart, lungs, pulse and blood pressure are all fine. Now let me see the bit that gets you ladies into all kinds of trouble’. The lady starts to take off her clothes but is interrupted by the doctor. ‘No!  No! Don’t remove your clothes… Just stick out your tongue’.

And there’s more ...............   One lady golfer tells another ‘Hey, guess what! I got a set of golf clubs for my husband! The other replies, ‘GREAT swap!’

The dentist wanted a sneaky day off to play golf so he left a message on his answer phone – ‘I’m sorry I’m too busy today to see anyone else I have 18 cavities to fill’

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