Bradnor Bugle - January 2015

Spring is just around the corner- or is it????????


The Drive in and drive out took place in very murky conditions but all four new Captains managed to hit the ball well albeit into the unknown recesses of the first fairway. The new Captains are (l to R) Terry Weight – Seniors, Mary Hill – Ladies, Marcel Veillet – Mens and Rhys Powell – Juniors. This years joint Captains Charity will be St Michaels Hospice.

High Tec has made it to Kington – because of the lack of visibility on the Drive In our Pro Sarah came to the rescue with her state of the art machine a GC2 Launch Monitor which connected via Blue Tooth to her ipad and gave the correct distance and run of the ball. The outcome of this gadget meant that Robin Price took the spoils for his guess of 721 yards  for the combined diven total of the four captains. The actual distance was 752 and Robins was the best guess.

Captains Tony House and Bee Baxendale were proud of their efforts in raising £4300 for the Air Ambulance Trust during the past year. The hand over took place during the celebrations for the 2015 Captains Drive In.

The result of the 9 hole comp. held during the Drive In is as follows -  1 Die Morgan net 31,  2 Gary Moore net 31.5, 3 Martin Blackaller net 32, 4 Dave Patterson 32.5, 5 Lewis Morgan net 33. The Ladies result was a win for Iris Corfield with net 36.6, 2nd Pip Frost with net 37.5

One very happy chappie was Ed Davies who scored the only two of the day scooping a huge prize of £84 – mind you he did leave it late as he achieved it on the last hole  - the 9th.                                               

 Glyn Wictome did his usual fine job of organising the December Blue Ball outing.

visit to Sapey proved popular and although the course was very wet it turned out to be a good days golfing. Results were as follows –  

1 Mike Richards/Richard Elms 39 points,,                
2 Richard Hill/Glyn Wictome 37 points, 
3 Evan Illingsworth/Joe James 37 points, 
4 Ivor Morgan/Bill Didcock 36 points, 
5 Terry Weight/Arthur Hyde 35 points.                    

Where there is life there is hope.  Peter Sprawson a 24 H/C golfer beat 174 golfers to win the Pro Day competition at Coventry Golf Club at the ripe old age of 94. He finished a shot clear of his 21 year old rivel in second place.

The chance is here to get hold of your very own copy of the Kington 2015 Calendar. The calender will be on sale behind the bar and in the Pro Shot – but 'be soon' as the numbers are limited.

And finally – Paddy and Mick went on a camping holiday out in the wild blue yonder. On the third day they settled down for the night, later Paddy nudged Mick and said  when you look at the sky what do you see. I see thousand of stars said Mick and think there must be life up there in all that space, and may be people like us spending a night in the open air. What do you see Paddy?  Well Mick I see the sky because someone has stolen our ******* tent!!!

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