Bradnor Bugle, April 2012

Wednesday  Fiddle   

This was the 20th running of this Competition.  The Winner of the 2011/2012 Wednesday Fiddle - the C N Jones Trophy - was Andy Edey with best average of 37.8 from the best seven from 12 Competitions.

The dinner at the end of the Winter season saw 29 players enjoy a wonderful Club House meal.

Old Layout of the Course

Ian Gough, who has been involved with the course fo rthe last 33 years tells us that evidence of the old layout can only be seen in a few places.  Above the 3rd green is the tee for the original 4th hole.  To the left of the 8th green in the gorse are the remains of bunkers.  To look at a sketch of this pick up a hard copy of the Bradnor Bugle from the Clubhouse.

"Sprinkler Head Discussions"

A player is entitled to relief from an immovable obstruction under Rule 24.2.  If the specimen Local Rule is introduced, a player is also entitled to relief for intervention to his line of play provided:  (a) (i) the immovable obstruction is on or within two club lengths of the putting green and (ii) the ball lies within two club lengths of the immovable obstructions; or (b) the ball lies on the putting green and the immovable obstruction within two club lengths of the putting green intervenes on his line of play.

For a diagram of this please pick up a hard copy of the Bradnor Bugle from the Clubhouse

Wildlife Shelters

On the slicers side of the 14th fairway ----- have you noticed ---- the green staff are cutting gorse to start regeneration and are using the cut gorse to make wildlife shelters --- as discussed with the National Trust naturalists.

Course Conditions Update

Please note that a daily update of course conditions can be accessed on the club 01544 230340 using option 4 - after 7.15am.

First Handicap League Game

Reminder - the first Handicap League game is a Home game against Burghill on Saturday, 7 April.  Start time 12 noon.  Kington got to the final last year - so keep the ball rolling.

Junior Presentation Evening

The Junior Presentation Evening for 2011 and the 2012 pre season meeting took place in the Clubhouse on Friday,  16th March.  It was a fantastic evening and extremely well supported by Juniors, parents, members and Committee Members.  Many thanks for your support and donations, they were much appreciated.  There were no fewer than 21 different prize winners.  Congratulations to all the Juniors for last year’s efforts and achievements.  2012 is going to be even bigger and better!!!

Grand National Competition.on Saturday,  14th April

Teams of four (any combination) – Shotgun start at 10.30am – with a meal after while you watch the race on TV.

National Trust By Laws!

The next time you fluff a chip or miss a tiddler of a putt,  keep in mind National Trust By Law No 22 –" No person shall on National Trust property use any indecent or obscene language to the annoyance of any person.". This solemn statement is shown on the back of the National Trust  sign just by the cattle grid next to the practice area!

Changes/additions to the 2012 Diary are as follows :

Bank Holiday Mondays-  change in Seniors' Bag Day. In future the Bag Days for the 7 May, 4 June and 27 August. will be Club Bag Days. Open to all.

7 Maywill be aTexas Scrambl, .4 June will be a 4 Ball better ball. and 27 August  will be a 3 Man team event.

To enter place your ball in the bag.  The first draw will be at 07.50am.  Draws will take place at regular intervals with the final draw at 09.00am.   Entry fee is 1 paid to the Senior Section on your return to the Clubhouse.  The total entry fee will go to the winning team.  The draw will take place in the Clubhouse.

And finally:- Morris an 82 year old went to the doctor to get a physical.  A few days later the doctor saw Morris in the street with a gorgeous young women on his arm and said, "Hii there, you're doing well aren’t you?”   Morris replied,” Just doing what you said doc – get a hot mamma and be cheerful”.  The doctor replied  “I didn’t say that,  I said you’ve got a heart murmur be careful”.

Edited by Joe James.  Items to be included should reach Joe seven days before the end of each month -  01544 327636 or