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Xmas Carols & Mulled Wine

A huge thank you from all of us to those who supported us on Thursday evening at the Christmas Carols and Mulled Wine at the Club - to Glyn & Gill Wictome who kept us all supplied with mulled wine - to the ladies of the Club who made all the delicious food - to all who provided prizes for the raffle and of course to the wonderful singers, choir and harpist.

It was standing room only in the Clubhouse and the evening raised a total of £750 for the Club.  However, a very special thank you is due to Tim Hall of Breedon Aggregates who topped this up to a massive £1,000.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year


Niki Scott & the Fund Raising/Social Committee

Created: 20-Dec-14 15:58

Xmas Carols & Mulled Wine

Xmas Carols & Mulled Wine


Thursday, 18 December at 7 pm


Kington Golf Club

Emma Powell - Soprano
Harriet Williams - Soprano
Hannah Allway - Harpist
Kington Show Ladies Choir

Tickets £10 to include Mulled Wine, Savoury Nibbles & Mince Pies

Tickets are available from the bar or by contacting Mary Hill on 01544 350800 or


This will be a lovely evening to really start the Christmas festivities off.  If you haven't already made a note in your please do so! Do come and join us

Fund Raising & Social Committee


Created: 08-Dec-14 09:35

Kington Golf Club Diaries 2015

You may not be aware but the cost of producing our Club Diaries is paid for by kind sponsorship and advertising.  If you would like to advertise in next year's diary there is still some limited space.

Please contact me for full details.

Marcel Veillet
01544 231146 or

Created: 09-Nov-14 15:31

Junior Presentation Evening - Friday, 14 November

The Junior Presentation evening will be on Friday, 14 November at 6 pm at the Clubhouse.

Presentation of trophies and prizes for the 2014 season will be awarded following a light meal of sandwiches and chips.  

It is to be an evening to celebrate the success of our Junior members and an acknowledgement of the unstinting support of their parents.

Please come and support them.

Liz Lockwood
Junior Organiser

Created: 09-Nov-14 15:24

Tickets on sale for Comedy Night - Saturday, 15 November

The nights are drawing in and we all need something to cheer us up on a Saturday evening!  We have therefore organised a Comedy and Curry evening at the Clubhouse on Saturday, 15 November.

Tickets are now available at the Club and the the cost of of the evening is £15 per head which includes curry and rice.

As a Club we often have fund raising events but this is purely a social evening.  Do please come along and bring your friends.

Niki Scott & the Social/Fund Raising Committee

Created: 30-Oct-14 15:16

Vacancy for a new Steward/Stewardess - Kington Golf Club


A vacancy has arisen for a Steward/Stewardess at Kington Golf Club, Herefordshire, with stunning views over the Welsh Marches.

Applicants should have restaurant and bar experience.  Accommodation is provided in a two bed-roomed bungalow, utilities included.  There exists a very good opportunity to increase the turnover of food sales and an opportunity to develop and extend the service to the local community, and to our appreciative members and visitors.

Application by letter and or CV to:

Kington Golf Club
Bradnor Hill
Herefordshire.HR5 3RE

Closing Date 10, November 2014

Created: 30-Oct-14 15:04

Christmas Pudding Buster

A fun competition is being held on Sunday, 28 December - the Christmas Pudding Buster.  As its name suggests this is aimed at those golfers who have perhaps over indulged on the turkey, trimmings and pudding!!  It is open to men, ladies, juniors and visitors.  

The cost of this is a mere £20 for a team of four to include soup and a roll.

Entry forms can be obtained either at the Club or can be found under Open Competitions on the website.

If you have any queries or require more information please contact me.

Barbara Radbourne
01544 231602 or 

Created: 27-Oct-14 17:49

Please park tidily!

Be kind to our lines -please park between them not on them – our parking is limited

Created: 13-Jul-14 09:38

Herefordshire County Golf Clubs

The Herefordshire County Golf Clubs Committee would like it drawn to your attention that the following Championships are to take place:

Men's Championship - Saturday, 7 June at Burghill Valley Golf Club

Seniors' Championship - Wednesday, 11 June at Sapey Golf Club

Mixed Championship - Saturday, 28 June at Herefordshire Golf Club

Junior Championship - Friday, 31 October at Ross on Wye Golf Club

Full details of these Championships can be found on the relevant Noticeboards on the website and also details and entry forms are posted on the relevant Noticeboards in the Clubhouse

Match & Handicap Committee

Created: 05-May-14 19:48

Winter Rules

Winter rules have finished on March 29 but do please still use in "Friendlies".

Match & Handicap

Created: 12-Apr-14 15:00

New Ruling - Rule 24-2b/6

You may be aware of a fence that has been put up against the out of bounds wall on the right hand side of the 1st.   To accommodate this we have brought in the following ruling -  Rule 24-2b/6  - Relief from Immovable Obstruction Incidentally Results in Relief from Boundary fence -

This rule states although the player takes relief from the obstruction he will incidentally get relief from the wall and confirms the player is entitled to invoke Rule 24 -2b in such circumstances.  This allows the player to lift and drop the ball within one club-length without penalty not nearer the hole etc.

Handicap Committee


Created: 06-Apr-14 14:39

A Gentle Reminder

Winter rules will be over soon. Commit to memory.

Rule 13 – Ball Played as it lies.

13-1 The ball must be played as it lies.

13-2 Improving Lie, Area of Intended Stance, or Swing, or line of Play.

         A player must not improve or allow to be improved:

        * the position or lie of his ball

        * the area of his intended stance or swing

        * his line of play

  by any of the following actions:

       * pressing a club on the ground

       * moving bending or breaking anything growing or fixed

So you cannot trample down bracken around your ball or take practice swings around the ball to clear the bracken away. Nor can you bend or step on, branches of gorse in the process of taking your stance to help clear the way for an unhindered backswing. However you can back into some branches gently if it is the only way of fairly taking your stance. There are some subtle differences here, though, so you need to tread carefully, literally and metaphorically.

Created: 10-Mar-14 18:19

Joint Captains' Drive In - January 5, 2014

New Ladies’  Captain Bee Baxendale drove into office as did the Men's Captain Tony House, Seniors Captain Terry Weight and not forgetting the new Junior Captain for 2014 Ross Baker.

Our thanks go to the outgoing Captains for all their hard work during 2013 and we hope they have enjoyed their stay in office - Lady Captain Kay Taylor , Men's Captain George Smith , Senior Captain David Mains and Junior Captain Harry Horlock.

The usual presenting of the Green Jacket and Captain’s tie for the Men’s Captain and pullover for the Ladies’ Captain was carried out followed by speeches by both outgoing and incoming Captains.  Following this a buffet was provided for all members and guests.

The usual measurement of the new Captains’  drives showed they had driven an aggregate distance of 735 yards - pretty good!  The closest guess was by Jamie Hughes who went for 728 yards and won himself £25 - not bad for a £1 outlay!  This raised £.... for the Captains Charity,  so all those who donated can give themselves a pat on the back.

Over £300 was raised on the day which will go to the Joint Captains' Charity for 2014 which is HELP (Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads).

It just remains for us to wish the New Captains for 2014 all the best and hope they and Kington Golf Club have a successful year.

Nigel Scott

Created: 23-Jan-14 17:09

The 2014 Diary is now available

Please collect your copy as follows:

Men - Sarah in the Pro Shop
Ladies -   Lady Captain - Bee Baxendale
Senior Section -  Senior Captain - Terry Weight,     
Junior Section -  David Mains

Created: 08-Jan-14 16:35

GC2 Launch Monitor

GC2 Launch Monitor

As the weather starts to turn and the dark nights draw in, you might think that this is not the time to work on your game.  However combining the indoor swing room with my GC2 launch monitor makes it the perfect time to tackle those swing changes that you’ve been putting off all year.

The GC2 launch monitor is regarded as one of the best launch monitors on the market by the golfing industry and is used by tour players and around the world.  This small unit uses stereoscopic cameras to photograph the ball thousands of times at impact to give accurate information on:

Ball speed -- Launch angle – Backspin – Sidespin-- Azimuth (Start direction left or right of target) -- Carry distance

Linking with the Ipad all of this information is then presented to give a visual graphic on your ball flight including distance, dispersion and trajectory.  This information is vital in deciding how best to help your game, and gap gives a quantifiable set of data to improve upon, helping to chart your progress

For those whose game is exactly where they want it, the GC2 is perfect for testing where carry distances for each club are measured, giving you precise information to help you decide the best choice of club for the shot in hand.      

Call into the Pro shop for all prices and Winter Deals on using the GC2.

Created: 06-Nov-13 13:24
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