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Kington Golf Club Course Planner

This is now available from the Pro Shop at a cost of £3 with the advertising proceeds going to the Club,

Huge thanks to Joe James for all of his hard work as this has been on his “things to do" list for a number of years!!!

Marketing Committee


Created: 30-Apr-16 11:12

Bradnor Bugle Newsletter 2016 - April Issue

The April Issue of the Club's Newsletter Bradnor Bugle is now available for you to view, download and print

Follow this link: 

Created: 02-Apr-16 08:37

Bradnor Bugle Newsletter 2016 - March Issue

The March Issue of the Club's Newsletter Bradnor Bugle is now available for you to view, download and print

Follow this link:

Created: 12-Mar-16 23:08

Captains' Drive In 2016

On January 3 the annual Captains' Drive In took place.  Once again the weather was not kind and it poured with rain but undeterred the 2015 Captains drove out and the 2016 Captains drove in!

We welcome our new Men's Captain - Kevin Barnes, Lady Captain - Pip Frost, Seniors' Captain - Andy Edey and Junior Captain - Ross Moore.  

We wish them all well in the coming year.

Created: 21-Jan-16 15:26

Joint Captains' Charity 2015

Every year our Men's and Ladies' Captain raise funds for their chosen Charity.  Thanks to the enormous amount of hard work by the Fundraising Committee and the Club members this year we raised an amazing £11,250.  This was in no small measure due to the Summer Ball which was held at our President's home at Downton House.

We thank you all for your support.

Marcel Veillet
Men's Captain 2015

Mary Hill
Lady Captain 2015

Created: 21-Jan-16 15:17

Protection of course in wet weather

Due to the extreme weather conditions that we have experienced, the green keeper has asked that you adhere to the following instructions to help protect the course.

The use of buggies will be reviewed on a daily basis until further notice, so please call the Pro shop or visit the club website to check the situation.  If at all possible, please carry your bag.  Please keep trolleys off the tees.

Please can you access and exit the 1st green from the front, and use the path to the right and above the green, to get to the 2nd tee.  Please access and exit the 2nd green from the front and follow the ropes around to the front of the 3rd tee.  To prevent excessive wear to the tee, please access the tee from the left hand side path.  Please stay to the left hand side as you walk to the 3rd green and stay to the left as you enter the path up to the 4th tee.  Please access and exit the new 18th yellow tee via the ladies path.  You must use the path on the 18th to reach the fairway and not walk down the 1st fairway.  Please exit the 18th green on the left hand side towards the pro shop.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Kington Golf Club

Created: 12-Jan-16 12:31

100 Top Golf Courses

Top 5 Golf Courses in Herefordshire 2015"

Kington has retained its position as number one in Herefordshire in the Top 100 Golf Courses.  

"Kington is a course that revels in something approaching cult status, with architect Tom Doak recently becoming a fan.  As the architect says in the latest edition of his book "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses", "if you enjoy seeing something different, you'll remember Kington long after you've forgotten some of the championship links".

Reputed to be the highest in England, the course lies on Bradnor Hill, with generally wide, largely unshaped fairways playing to bunkerless, narrow greens.  It's a quirky layout that won't appear to everybody but if ever a course was designed to afford a fun round of golf then Kington is that very layout.

Created: 10-Sep-15 16:33

Defibrillator installed at Kington Golf Club


As you may have seen, the defibrillator is now available for use in its cabinet on the side of the Clubhouse.  The defibrillator integrates instructions for use so that in theory anyone can use it.  If you have the need, first dial 999 or 112 so that the Emergency Services can respond.  In the call, you will also be given the code for the cabinet.  This code will also be available on notices inside the Clubhouse.  (The code protects the equipment from vandalism.)  You should also be able to seek help from the bar or Pro shop.

A number of people will be trained to gain extra confidence in the use of the defibrillator.  This will be in the Clubhouse at 7pm, 22nd June.  Numbers are not really limited so if you would be willing to be trained please contact Nikki Scott (01544 231209).

You will also see notices on the course advertising the defibrillator.

Created: 08-Jun-15 12:06

100 Club - Kington Golf Club

Once again we are doing the 100 Club for the Golf Club.  For £40 (or 76p per week - which is less than parking your car for an hour in some of the Hereford car parks!) you stand the chance of receiving a cheque every month.

The proceeds from the 100 Club go towards helping provide improvements for our exceptional Club.

Forms are available from Sarah in the Pro Shop.  

Do support us.

Glyn Wictome

Created: 02-May-15 17:34
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