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Winter Rules

Winter rules have finished on March 29 but do please still use in "Friendlies".

Match & Handicap

Created: 12-Apr-14 15:00

A Gentle Reminder!

This is just a gentle reminder to members that to be eligible to enter any Club competitions membership subscriptions must have been paid.

Match & Handicap Committee

Created: 12-Apr-14 14:56

New Ruling - Rule 24-2b/6

You may be aware of a fence that has been put up against the out of bounds wall on the right hand side of the 1st.   To accommodate this we have brought in the following ruling -  Rule 24-2b/6  - Relief from Immovable Obstruction Incidentally Results in Relief from Boundary fence -

This rule states although the player takes relief from the obstruction he will incidentally get relief from the wall and confirms the player is entitled to invoke Rule 24 -2b in such circumstances.  This allows the player to lift and drop the ball within one club-length without penalty not nearer the hole etc.

Handicap Committee


Created: 06-Apr-14 14:39

Roast Sunday Lunches at the Clubhouse

Following the clubhouse alterations we are pleased to inform you that a Roast Sunday lunch will be available every weekend.
Based on numbers this will be a Carvery, if less the 10 people this will be a plated roast.
Please book by Friday on 01544 230340 option 2.
Book now for Easter Sunday 20th April
Created: 05-Apr-14 19:05

Past Captains' Competition

The Past Captains' Competition has been moved from Wednesday,  9 April to Wednesday, 16 April, 2014.

Nigel Scott

Created: 24-Mar-14 22:07

Bridge at Kington Golf Club

Please note that the Thursday evening Bridge at the Clubhouse has now finished until October.  Details of dates and times will be published in September.

Created: 24-Mar-14 22:05

Pampered Chef & Cookery Demonstration - Tuesday, 18 March

The ladies were treated to a Pampered Chef & Cookery Demonstration in the Clubhouse on Tuesday.  Thanks are due  to all those who attended (over 20) and to those who also very kindly donated raffle prizes and cakes.   The cakes and scones were very well received and although they say that ladies are always watching their weight they certainly weren't on Tuesday!!  Even a couple of male golfers - no names mentioned - appreciated the cakes!  

Because Aggi very kindly allowed us to use the kitchen we were able to make a profit on the day of £213 for Club funds.

Niki Scott

Created: 21-Mar-14 15:57

A Gentle Reminder

Winter rules will be over soon. Commit to memory.

Rule 13 – Ball Played as it lies.

13-1 The ball must be played as it lies.

13-2 Improving Lie, Area of Intended Stance, or Swing, or line of Play.

         A player must not improve or allow to be improved:

        * the position or lie of his ball

        * the area of his intended stance or swing

        * his line of play

  by any of the following actions:

       * pressing a club on the ground

       * moving bending or breaking anything growing or fixed

So you cannot trample down bracken around your ball or take practice swings around the ball to clear the bracken away. Nor can you bend or step on, branches of gorse in the process of taking your stance to help clear the way for an unhindered backswing. However you can back into some branches gently if it is the only way of fairly taking your stance. There are some subtle differences here, though, so you need to tread carefully, literally and metaphorically.

Created: 10-Mar-14 18:19

Charity Bridge Drive - Thursday, 6 March, 2014

The Charity Bridge Drive which was held on the 6th March at the Club was a great success with 60 people (mainly ladies) having a great afternoon and raising a total of £658 for the Captains’ Joint Charity, HELP.

Many favourable comments were passed about the refurbishment of the Clubhouse which led to some ladies asking for Entry Forms for our Open which was very pleasing.  Kington is famed for the afternoon tea which the ladies always provide and this year was no exception!

The winners were Mary Pritchard and Peter Smith with Sue Powell, Sue Davies, Annette Watkins and Anne Owens also getting prizes.

Our thanks go to Kay Taylor, Past Captain,  for being the Director for the day and for Tricia Hern who orchestrated the whole thing from Fuertoventura!

Lady Captain, Bee,  expressed her gratitude to all who had helped and told everyone about this year’s Charity – HELP.

Created: 10-Mar-14 11:17

Bridge at Kington Golf Club

We have started a Bridge Club  at Kington Golf Club.  We are meeting this Wednesday, 5 February at 7 pm in the Cluhouse.   Everyone is welcome.

Created: 03-Feb-14 18:37

Excerpt from Golf Monthly about Kington Golf Club

The following is an excerpt from Golf Monthly.  Rob Smith played at our course in 2013

(Golf Monthly – Limited Edition Subscribers’ Issue January 2014
A golfer’s guide to the Welsh Marches by Rob Smith)

“Despite the lack of sand and its modest length, the course is protected by the need to approach its greens from exactly the right angle; from the uphill drive at 1st where you need to stay right, to the tempting and drivable part-4 closing holes.  There is also great variety and the five short holes are particularly strong.  This was the 469th course I have played in England and I am happy to sum it up by saying that if there is an inland course with finer views anywhere in the country, I have yet to play it.”


Created: 23-Jan-14 17:28

Joint Captains' Drive In - January 5, 2014

  • Outgoing and Incoming Captains 2014

    Outgoing and Incoming Captains 2014

  • Men's Captain, Tony House, Ladies'  Captain, Bee Baxendale, Seniors' Captain, Terry Weight and Junior Captain Ross Baker at their Drive In

    Men's Captain, Tony House, Ladies' Captain, Bee Baxendale, Seniors' Captain, Terry Weight and Junior Captain Ross Baker at their Drive In

New Ladies’  Captain Bee Baxendale drove into office as did the Men's Captain Tony House, Seniors Captain Terry Weight and not forgetting the new Junior Captain for 2014 Ross Baker.

Our thanks go to the outgoing Captains for all their hard work during 2013 and we hope they have enjoyed their stay in office - Lady Captain Kay Taylor , Men's Captain George Smith , Senior Captain David Mains and Junior Captain Harry Horlock.

The usual presenting of the Green Jacket and Captain’s tie for the Men’s Captain and pullover for the Ladies’ Captain was carried out followed by speeches by both outgoing and incoming Captains.  Following this a buffet was provided for all members and guests.

The usual measurement of the new Captains’  drives showed they had driven an aggregate distance of 735 yards - pretty good!  The closest guess was by Jamie Hughes who went for 728 yards and won himself £25 - not bad for a £1 outlay!  This raised £.... for the Captains Charity,  so all those who donated can give themselves a pat on the back.

Over £300 was raised on the day which will go to the Joint Captains' Charity for 2014 which is HELP (Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads).

It just remains for us to wish the New Captains for 2014 all the best and hope they and Kington Golf Club have a successful year.

Nigel Scott

Created: 23-Jan-14 17:09

Herefordshire and Worcester Golfer Magazine – December 2013 Issue

Herefordshire and Worcester Golfer Magazine – December 2013 Issue

In the December 2013 edition of the Golfer (just published) Kington Golf Club has a very special mention by “The Glove

Who is “The Glove”?

The Glove “is a clandestine player who visits a Club and enjoys its hospitality for the day.  The aim is to let you know what to expect when you visit the same course.  It’s not about finding negative points wither.   “The Glove” just wants you to enjoy your golf.  So if the course is fairly tough or easy “The Glove” will let you know.

The Glove”  will also be checking our restaurant and Club facilities.

Read the whole article by going to 

Created: 15-Jan-14 12:04

The 2014 Diary is now available

Please collect your copy as follows:

Men - Sarah in the Pro Shop
Ladies -   Lady Captain - Bee Baxendale
Senior Section -  Senior Captain - Terry Weight,     
Junior Section -  David Mains

Created: 08-Jan-14 16:35

Kington in Top 100 Courses in Survey

Did you know in a survey in ‘National Golfer’ magazine Kington Golf Club was rated in the top 100 courses for the second year running?

Created: 08-Jan-14 16:31
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